Thursday, 30 June 2011

Laskar hijau,,,

pertama kali ke laskar hijau, di Klakah, Lumajang, bulan juli tahun 2010,, lupa dah tanggal pastinya. waktu itu ceritanya bareng Ariph ()yg make topi kupluk) Muchlasin (di pojok kanan) nemenin winda (jaket merah putih) liputan. selama di sana ditemenin ma Noven...

langsung jatuh cinta we, pengen ke sana terus, nanam pohon, merawat tanaman,,,. melakukan hal-hal sederhana yg sudah mulai dilupakan orang banyak.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


bukan indonesiaNUS
bukan indonesiYAH
tapi INDONESIA saja

:mengenang peristiwa '99

Monday, 13 June 2011

arek2 B1

foto bareng teman2 PKPBA B1. jaman masih maba, smester I & II (masih imut ya?)
pkpba; sebenarnya melelahkan. bayangkan aja kuliah mulae jam 2 siang mpe jam 8 malam.. busyet dah. untung aja ada istirahat sholat bentar. serunya pkpba, py teman byk, dari jurusan mana aja ada di satu kelas. bisa kenal rohman, dari bahasa arab, ariel, dari ekonomi, badriah dari psikologi, firda dari biologi... pokoknya seru deh.

palagi kyak yg di foto ini nih, jalan2 ke wbl...
emang sih nguras tenaga, dompet; tapi tak apelah.....

kapan lagi bisa rame2 gini...

Because She is a Woman

Title                     : Agora

Directed by          : Alejandro Amenabar                   

Produced by        : Fernando Bovaira and Álvaro Augustin

Written by           : Alejandro Amenabar and Mateo Gil

Starring               : Rachel Weisz and Max Minghella
Music by             : Dario Marianelli

Cinematography  : Xavi Giménez

Editing by            : Nacho Ruiz Capillas

Release date(s)    : October 9, 2009 (2009-10-09)

Running time        : 126 minutes

Country               : Spain

Language            : English  

Agora is a biopic of Hypatia, a female mathematician, philosopher and astronomer of Roman Egypt in 4th century. Rachel Weisz stars as Hypatia, act as an independent woman in a history which highlight the relation between religion and science. Christian versus Greco-Roman polytheism in Alexandria.

It is told in the film that Orestes (Oscar Isaac), her pupil at the Platonic school, and Davus, her slave were in love with her. Orestes, moreover, declares his love to Hypatia trough playing music in a public theatre, in front of many people. Whereas Davus only secretly in love.

As a woman, in some cases, Hypatia was lucky to be born as daughter of Theon (Michael Lonsdale), the director of the Museum of Alexandria, beside she is also an independent scientist, and she has some peculiarities that others do not have. She can speak up her mind in Agora, a gathering place in ancient, or teach at school.

However, whatever will be Hypatia is just a woman, when Orestes love and want to possess her, she just such a prey. That is why she rejects Orestes' love and prefers to be a freedom woman.

Two men who have conversation with Theon the day when Orestes declared his love, seems to represent what the society of Roman Empire think about woman. These two men jokingly suggest Theon to accept Orestes love and let them married. Hypatia is great woman people indeed, but as woman she does not get her blessing yet till she gets married. This is Theon's answer.

"Hypatia subjected to a man? without freedom to teach, or even to speak up her mind." You may agree that Hypatia is lucky to have father like Theon.

The struggle of Hypatia does not finished yet. She should fight against Christian to won her love of science. Her research about the heliocentric model of solar system which proposed by Aristarchus contradicts to the 'truth' of Christian. She investigates that the world is sphere. Due to this objection, Hypatia is forbidden to teach at school. In Christian, the only one who knows about the world is God. All is written in bible, so just believe it and do not question it.

Several years later, Orestes become the prefect of Alexandria, and had converted her belief to Christianity. While Synesius (Rupert Evans), one of Hypatia's students, become the Bishop of Cyrene. Both are immersed in a situation after religious commotion, Christian monotheism against Roman-Greco polytheism (science) –Christian called them as pagan. Both of them still appreciate Hypatia as their teacher. Moreover, Orestes yet loves her.

Cyril, stars Sami Samir, sees that Hypatia influences much over on Orestes. Cyril does not accept if the governor is smitten by any other Christian, especially only a woman. Therefore, he set up a public ceremony to force Orestes subjugate her. Synesius also come to rescue her if she agrees to be a Christian. Under all circumstances, Hypatia refuse to be a Christian, she loves science very much. She said that if she becomes a Christian she cannot explore her love on science anymore, because in Christian people are not free even only asking.

Hypatia is accused by Cyril as a witch, he successfully convince the Christendom to kill her. The parabalani then find her, they strip her naked and stone her to death. Anyhow, before that Davus, based on Hypatia permission, suffocates her till die, so when they stone her, she does not feel any pain. 

Sunday, 12 June 2011


haduh.. ini ni ha-er-de inovasi yang geje..
suka lari kalo ada kerjaan. saling lempar kewajiban. yg paling diandalin mbak zi,, walo sering gak bisa ditemui di ukm..

dari kiri: mbak ozy, nophy (aku), mbak em-yu, dan winda
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Saturday, 11 June 2011

She is the one

She cheers me up when I sad
She raises me up when I desperate
She treats me like a father to his children;
giving them candy, kite, and rollcoaster


She stays there: bestowing me with planty of mercy
So I can smile
She hugs me tight: showering me with seas of affection
So I can laugh
She is so kind like mother to me;
cooking my breakfast and sewing my blanket


You know,
She is the one in my heart
No one can replace her
I love her wherever, whenever
: she is my god


Malang, 7 Juni 2011


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