Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Major Characters in Othello

taken from http://students.cis.uab.edu/black790/Othello.html


Othello is a black –Moor, and is a Christian. He is the general of the armies of Venice. Although he is a black, people respected him due to his eloquent and powerful profile. People recognized him as a strength man and a clever general.
However, he is not a forcefully man. He possesses a psychological disorder or syndrome like that. When Iago told him about Desdemona and Casssio, the depiction of the story appears in his mind which makes him hurt and sick. Iago made the best use of this condition to separate him with Desdemona, and take over his authority. He is really in jealous till he kill Desdemona. 

She is a gentle woman. She secretly married to Othello, the moor, because she knew that her father and might some white people do not like it. His father was Venetian senator, Brabanzio.
Desdemona really love Othello, and won’t be poles apart from him. She does not contemn Othello like others because of racial issue. She also a faithful wife who wants always getting on together with Othello. When Othello appointed to do his duty as a general in Turkey, Desdemona begs to follow him.
Desdemona for those who know him, such as Cassio and Emily, is e benevolent woman. That is why Cassio asked Desdemona to help him clarifying his problem with Othello.
Otherwise she is a true lover; her heart was not blinded by love. She still uses her smart mind. She realized that Othello has been provoked; she challenged Othello to find proofs that Desdemona was adultery. Desdemona finally killed by Othello because of his silly jealous. 

Iago is one of Othello ensigns, anoter is Cassio. He is a racist. I said so because he actually does not agree the marriage between Othello and Desdemona, white-black. He help Roderigo to win Desdemona heart, beside of racism, I think the highest motivation of it is money. He has been paid for help Rodrigo.
And when he helped Cassio, it is actually just an intrigue. In fact, he keened on Cassio’s position. He wanted to be lieutenant. He construct the situation that make Cassio in bad side, he made Cassio drunk then fight with a man from Cyprus. Then he testified before Othello as if he on Cassio side. He is good at manipulation.
He also created a story about Desdemona and Cassio for Othello. He told and showed him scenes as if Cassio and Desdemona were in love. He asked her wife, Emilia, to bring him Desdemona’s kerchief, the he inserted it to Cassio’s room. Othello were mad to now that Desdemona’s kerchief has been found in Cassio’s room. He was absolutely success to break up that couple.  
He is a big fat villain.

Emilia is Iago’s wife. He really knew what his husband is. He knew that Iago is not an honest man. She works as Desdemona’s attendant and is attached to her. At first, she did not realize that the conflict between Othello and Desdemona was set up by Iago. However, she finally know it, the clue is how can Desdemona’s kerchief she stole for Iago is founded in Cassio’s room.
The time she found Desdemona lied dying on her bed, she tried to tell Othello that it all were Iago’s intrigues. She told her distrustful of her husband to Othello. She died in Iago’s hand; Iago killed her because her witness that Desdemona does not fault but Iago the villain.    

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ini gelisah bermuara dua

lari atau maju

diam atau bergerak

ini gelisah datang, saat kau sadar akan bodoh
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