Saturday, 28 May 2011

Musrifah? so why...

“Walk before, me. I don’t want anyone see me wearing this jeans.” Nur told her friend. It such a disgrace thing if she, who once became musrifah (female supervisor) wearing jeans. She put on grey veil, grey jacket, and jeans.

It was dark outside, Nur got up at 03:30, or at least before the Dawn pray. After that, she leaded the students of Umu Salamah, Ma’had Sunan Ampel Al ‘Ali to study about English vocabulary. It is called shobahullughoh. Next, she conditioned an accompanied the student to join the reciting Kitab program. All of these programs will have end at 06:30.

It is usual for them to hold that activity outside the mabna, it can be in the field, in front of SC building, behind rector building, everywhere at campus. If you see some girls crowd round a girl that might be a group of musrifah with her students doing shobahullughoh.

Yeah, that was the regular activities of a supervisor or Musrifah of Ma’had Sunan Ampel Al ‘Ali, the boarding house for fresh student of UIN Maliki Malang. She above refers to Nur Winda Safitri, a student of English Language and Letter Department.

She became musrifah when she was in her second year in this campus, at third and fourth semester. Since June 2009 to June 2010, she almost did that routine morning activity every day, otherwise on red letter days or official national holidays. She became musrifah of Ummu Salamh, a mabna near by Ulul Albab Mosque and A building.
From 06:30 to 20:00 is time for her to spend her need as a student. She goes to campus, studies at class, and passes the rest time at UKM (unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa). Later, before the fresh female students back to mabna, buildings such a flat for student in ma’had, she should stand by there. Sometimes, musrifah will stand beside the door, if there is a student back more than 9 pm o’clock, they will be punished.

At night, according to the schedule, the musrifahs only have a program of reciting kitab. However, they have many unscheduled times for some activities such as meeting among musrifah in Umu Salamah, inter-mabna, or with both Musyrif (male supervisor) and musrifah of Ma’had. It begins after praying Isya until undetermined time, but mostly end at eleven o’clock or more.

What a boring orderly schedule, eh? May be yes, may be no. The important that these activities have bothered her study is true. In the morning for example, sometimes Nur has a class on 06:30 while reciting kitab still in progress. To anticipate it, she prepared all things before the scheduled programs after daybreak begin. Meanwhile in the night, most of the time has been stolen for meetings till she did not have enough time to study. “It really bothers me. I need time to express my interest at UKM and to study.” She avowed.

What can she does? That was a consequence being a musrifah. Other consequences are not allowed to date someone and wear jeans. It is such an unwritten agreement that it is a taboo for a musrifah has a boy friend. Moreover, the students should not know about it. In ma’had, not only female students, but musrifahs also were forbidden to wear jeans. They may wear skirt, cotton trouser, or jubbah. As if the virtuousness can be judged from what they wear.

In some occasion, if mabna plans an event and they do not get money from ma’had, they have to contribute their money or ask the contribution of student. As a musrifah, the nominal account may be not too big. On the other hands, we all know that students expensively pay for ma’had. Should they go the pace again?
The first time she applied for that position, as someone who graduated of Islamic boarding school, she thought that it is time to serve and share her knowledge sincerely. She did not ask for any fee-paid money. Some of those who still stand as musrifah as same as her, most of them are graduate from Islamic boarding school who used to live in that way. While others, might consider it as charity deed.

In fact, a musrifah did not be paid, but they are free for charge living cost, free for living in ma’had. Compare it with fresh students, they have to pay about 4-5 millions, whereas sophomore level who wants to live at ma’had should pay about 2 millions. Besides that, at the end of leadership, all musyrif and musrifah have an agenda of having fun time together.

Based on her experience, she told that they went to Wisata Bahari Lamongan (WBL). All of them are given Rp100.000 and free for the transportation, also the pass ticket. On any account, that cannot paid for times and energy she has spent for being a musrifah.

After a year, she quitted the duty as musrifah. She thought that now is the time for her to focus on study and UKM. She goes to campus happily, but sometimes she still feels so clumsy to walking with male students or wearing jean. When she wear jean, all eyes are on her. Her friends in English Department know that she is a former musrifah.

“Wah, mantan musrifah. Pake jins ni ye… (there is a former musrifah wearingjeans!)” said her friend colloquially.

What a life!
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