Monday, 11 April 2011

PKPBA should be reduced


On June 2010, there was a demonstration against PKPBA (Program Khusus Perkuliahan Bahasa Arab). The students, most of them are second semester, came with some demands to be fulfilled (Q Post, June). One of which is reducing time schedule of PKPBA at night. Just for your information, sometimes lecture in UIN MALIKI Malang begin from 07.00 WIB and PKPBA begin from 14.00-16-00 WIB & 18.30-20.00 WIB. For regular schedule, the students might do not have specific time how long they study in a day. However, in PKPBA they have 5 hour a day, from Monday-Friday. What a full day! As a student who once studied PKPBA, I agree that the time schedule of PKPBA should be reduced.

Actually PKPBA is a good program, because studying foreign language in a classroom can be effective. This university facilitates the students with foreign languages course (Arabic and English) to help them to compete in global era. Unfortunately, the time is too much, and it bothers the other activities. For instance, students from Faculty of Science and Technology have less time to do their report. Moreover, students who participate in internal/external students' organization could not actualize their selves. There were 90.48% students agree that PKPBA at night should be abolished (Q Post, June), because of some reasons above. PKPBA only have six credit courses each semester, but in the realization of it there were more than 6 credits. Therefore, the demand of students to reduce the time schedule at night should be fulfilled or they will ask more to abolish all illegal credits.

It is a good chance to study foreign language, but if it is forced and it consumes the time, it will not be fun anymore. According to the experiences before, the director of PKPBA and all the staff should reduce time schedule of PKPBA at night and find a new method or formulation to maximize students' abilities and make them enjoy the study.


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