Sunday, 20 March 2011

What is your decision?

Today, writing is not only a kind of hobbies anymore. There are many people out of there who study and start to write for some reasons. Some considered writing as a job. There are pencil-pushers write to fill the order. Others go on their own way; just because they are talented. Still others do it to share information, idea, and opinion, with an eye to create changes in the society.

Ayu Utami, Habiburrahman, and Andreas Harsono, write as if writing is their air to breath. Ayu write and challenge us to think critically over our life, thinking, spiritual, culture, and government. While Habiburrahman, it is a missionary endeavor way to bring people (esc. muslim) back to al Qur’an and sunnah. In the other hand, writing (journalism) is a belief/religion according to Andreas Harsono.

I am not a professional writer –paid for the works, nevertheless when I write I do it seriously. Not that I have an assignment to be submitted, but rather than that. For me writing not only means a medium to actualize our selves, but also a way to realize a mission of enlightenment.

In this world, many of the people just know what is white or black and forget that between these two colors there is a hollow space, grey. There always a mystery behind reality that they do not know –the grey hollow, so if you choose to be a writer, you should reveal it out. Take for example the separatist movement in West Papua. Indonesian might judge them as seditious band; in fact decades ago Indonesia forced them to be part of NKRI. Have you ever heard it before?

In a rather simpler way, what you write is what you are. Since now on the decision is in your hand; you will write due to assignment, money, or enlightenment.

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